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Porcelain Veneers

While dental veneers are gaining popularity as the fastest way to create a perfect smile, our handcrafted dental veneers do so much more. When our ultra-thin veneers are bonded to the front teeth they mask discolorations, correct and restore chipping, cracking and breaking, and straighten and balance your bite for more comfort and beauty than you could imagine. Highly resistant to permanent staining from coffee, tea or even cigarette smoking, our porcelain dental veneers can achieve a tenacious bond to the tooth resulting in an esthetically pleasing naturalness that is unsurpassed by other restorative options.

Each tooth perfectly mimics the subtle layers and translucency of your natural teeth. When these custom works of art are bonded to tooth structure, they have the strength of natural enamel.

We will work with you as an artistic team to custom design your smile. Together, we will decide the shape, color and size of your teeth to create a smile that looks so natural no one would doubt that the dental veneers were your natural teeth. It is the ultimate way to make your smile shine and radiate the beauty in you!

Teeth Whitening

If you are like most of our patients, you want a whiter, fresher looking smile but you don’t necessarily want the discomfort, sensitivity and cost that can come with traditional, in-office tooth whitening. That is why, in addition to in-office whitening, we give you all the same benefits with a custom fitted take-home kit. We will recommend the speed and dental whitening for your sensitivity level and needs.

Dental Bonding

If you want to correct minor flaws or improve the shade, length, shape and texture of your teeth, artful cosmetic bonding may just be the solution you have been looking for.

Dental bonding is a method of restoring and creating veneers that can cosmetically improve chipped or cracked teeth, change the color of teeth, or reshape teeth with a composite resin material. Cosmetic dental bonding also allows us to even out a slightly crooked smile without braces or time-consuming return visits. With our expertise and a variety of artful stains, we can create uncommonly beautiful restorations not before seen with this material. Cosmetic bonding can now become naturally beautiful esthetic bonding.

Very little of the original tooth structure is removed, yet bonding can create a more esthetically pleasing and vibrant look. And composite veneers can often be beautiful solutions at a fraction of the cost of porcelain.

Smile Makeovers

Are you happy with your smile? If not, you might be surprised with all that modern cosmetic procedures can do for you! Even the simplest procedure can have a major visual enhancing impact, improving your appearance and helping to boost your confidence. We will be thrilled to show you before and after cases that we have completed. Please ask us how an esthetic enhancement can elevate your confidence level in both work and social circles.

Full mouth restorations, also known as full mouth reconstruction or rejuvenation, blends the science of functional dentistry with the artistry of esthetic dentistry and the knowledge of natural anatomy, physiology and function to create smiles that are functionally sound, long lasting, physically healthy and visually appealing. In the end, you will have a beautiful smile, a healthy bite and a renewed feeling of freedom and confidence.

Why do people of all ages seek full-mouth rehabilitation? There are many reasons, including inherited dental problems, such as a bad bite; traumatic injuries from car accidents or sports; or chronic illnesses. Tooth-grinding, acid reflux, bulimia and drug and alcohol abuse may also inflict severe damage on the teeth.

Full-mouth rehabilitation can be used to solve a variety of dental problems, including:

  • pain or soreness in the teeth, gums or jaw
  • missing teeth
  • loose teeth
  • decay in most or all teeth
  • bad breath
  • severely worn, shortened teeth
  • severe erosion of the enamel
  • extremely sensitive teeth
  • teeth that are cracked, chipped or broken
  • crowns or bridges that crack, chip or break
  • an overbite or protruding jaw
  • crooked or misshapen teeth
  • discolored teeth
  • a narrow or a “gummy” smile
  • ear congestion and/or dizziness
  • headaches or migraines

No matter how severe your oral health problems are, together we can find a solution. We are always excited to treat people with challenging needs. We truly believe that anyone who wants a healthy mouth should have the opportunity not only to restore health and beauty but to restore balance and harmony as well. We never try to talk you into treatment that you don’t want or require. Instead, we work with you to learn about your needs, desires and the condition of your mouth. We believe that knowledge is power.